MJ Arsenal Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar

by puff21
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This jar completes AJ Arsenal's desire to create a flower-inspired product to expand its variety. The new product derives its inspiration from an ancient southeast Asian pipe. All you have to do is grind, store, pour, and have fun with your herbs. 


  • Brand -MJ Arsenal

  • Weight- 0.737

  • Dimensions - 27.305 × 14.605 × 12.7 cm

  • Comes with Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar

  • Includes a flower bowl (10ml in size)

  • Has a cork

  • It contains a reusable box/custom-cut foam.


The Cache guarantees a badass experience. The pipe system not only gives users a smooth feel to life but also offers them a unique storage jar affixed to the beaker basin of this water pipe. They are thus assured that their flowers will stay fresh and dry all the time.

Cache's small size makes it cute and functional. It functions perfectly for regular users and will make most people forget their other options. 

MJ Arsenal seems to have taken the original beaker and tweaked it just enough to have something fresh; the Cache. If aesthetics matter to you, you'll love that it is slim and a smaller version of the timeless classic with an added twist. 

The brand fixed a jar on the side of the piece where you can conveniently pour your herbs directly into the bowl! The idea is to grind, store and enjoy. You don't have to figure out alternative places to keep your stash when Cache provides an ideal place to keep your herbs dry, fresh, and right by you all the time. It is certainly a great investment, especially when there is a sale to take advantage of.

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