Cartboy Incognito 1g Cart Battery

by puff21
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Puff on your favorite 510 vape cart, vape pen, or smoke cart in a battery that looks like a typical vape disposable. Our new Cartboy Incognito cart batteries allow you to smoke on most 510 thread carts via the hidden compartment inside the battery. Simply pull the bottom of the Cartboy and screw in your favorite 510 vape cart, snap it back in with the magnetic lock and start puffing away. Offering a 320mah, fully rechargeable with any USB-C charger vape cart battery.  Strio Cartboy incognito cart batteries offer variable voltage with two settings, 3.0V (green light) and 3.8V (red light). This smart device also offers over-voltage and short-circuit protection. We also included a pre-heat function to warm up your carts the right way and help prevent clogging. Available in 5 distinct colors, the STRIO Cartboy helps you stay incognito.

Some features include:

-Pull the bottom cap to reveal a hidden compartment

-40 minutes to charge fully, approximately 150-180 puffs per charge

-Screw in 510 thread cartridge

-Snap back into place via magnetic lock

*Puff 3 times within 1.5 seconds to change the voltage

**Puff 2 times within 1.5 seconds to pre-heat

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