Dazed Exotic THCA Flower 2 Grams Pack

by puff21

The best Thca Flower is DAZED Exotic Indoor THCA flower, where each 2 gram pack is a potent and pure cannabis. Proudly grown in the United States, these nugs are top shelf and premium fully legal for you to enjoy. Let’s talk about if it really gets you “high”, every one percent of THCA gets converted to .87% THC, you just gotta put fire behind this bad boy or vaporize it to convert. This brand boasts 25% and beyond on potency, which is higher than most regular buds. This will definitely get you the effect we all love and crave. 

They made many different strains to fit everyone’s smoking preferences, like Ghost Train Haze, a Sativa that tantalizes your senses with its spicy citrus notes. OG Kush, the timeless Hybrid, delivers a perfect balance of gentle relaxation and a subtle wave of euphoria, it's like a comforting embrace for your inner self. Sour Diesel, an iconic Sativa, stands out with its energizing and distinctive diesel scents. Think of it as a turbo boost for your mind, fueling creativity and enhancing focus. On the sweeter side, Zelato, a captivating Hybrid, offers a creamy, dessert-like experience with a hint of berry bliss. For those seeking deep relaxation, Alien Kush, a potent Indica ideal for unwinding during late night sessions. And don't miss out on Rainbow Runtz, an extraordinary Indica known for its exceptional quality and unforgettable flavor.

The best, and exotic is Dazed thca flower, hands down. They are now making 7gram packs, which will be on our website also!

Product Features:

- Exotic Flower

- 2 Grams Per Jar

- Made In US

- Third Party Tested, Lab Report HERE!

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