Dazed Exotic THCA Flower 4G

by puff21

Introducing the Dazed THCA Flower 4G, the perfect choice for those seeking an exceptional cannabis experience. This premium product features only the highest quality, top shelf cannabis, meticulously cultivated without any shake or trim. Each bud is dense, thick, and indoor grown, ensuring it looks and smells just like traditional THC. Gets you just as high or even higher! 

Dazed THCA Flower stands out for its potency and exotic appeal. The THCA in these buds transforms into approximately 0.87% THC when put fire behind it, providing a crazy high. Available in six distinct strains, you can choose the one that best fits your preferences, whether you desire the invigorating effects of sativa, the soothing calm of indica, or the balanced experience of a hybrid.

When it comes to smoking, Dazed THCA Flower 4G is the ultimate choice. This product guarantees top tier quality and potency, making it the ideal option for those who want to get the most out of their cannabis.


  • OG Kush (Hybrid)

  • Rainbow Runtz (Indica)

  • Sour Diesel (Sativa)

  • Alien Kush (Indica)

  • Ghost Train Haze (Sativa)

  • Zelato (Hybrid)

Product Features: 

  • 4 Grams Of THCA Flower

  • Third Party Tested

  • Potent!

Lab Report

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