Green 63MM Tsunami Sunken Top Dry Herb Grinder


Aesthetics and performance should go hand in hand when choosing a good herb grinder. Fortunately, this is something that the creators of the Green Tsunami 63mm top dry herb grinder seem to have mastered perfectly.


  • 63mm 4-piece herb grinder

  • 28 Razor sharp blades, curved diamond teeth 

  • Magnetic lid that creates a smooth grinding effect 

  • Lightweight and highly durable chromium finish

  • Unique bowl-shaped lid that ensures efficient grinding 

  • Storage container with a scrapper tool 


The beautiful green 63mm, 4-piece herb grinder combines aesthetics and functionality in one excellent blend. With the grinder's superb features, such as the powerful razor-sharp blades and strong teeth, users are assured of efficient herb grinding. This grinder also has a bowl-like lid that is strong enough to ensure effective grinding. In addition, the grinder has enough storage and an attached scrapper to make things easier when clearing and cleaning it.