Dry Herb Grinder 50 Mm Caved Top Gun Metal (12ea / Bx , 96ea / Mc)

by puff21

This is the grinder you need for perfect herb grinding. It executes its job perfectly and delivers the right sizes of herbs for your pipe.


  • The sunken top resembles a bowl

  • Small and portable

  • 28 razor-sharp blades

  • Premium piece

  • High quality


The 50mm herb grinder is ideal for carrying around at just about the right size. Its small portable size is ideal for traveling. The sunken top also enhances grinding efficiency. It helps minimize the top grinding layer, allowing the ground layer to drop faster to the next chamber. You'll love this specific gun metal finish because it is sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Consider matching this grinder with your favorite Tsunami water pipe for guaranteed good quality.

Like Tsunami glass pipes, this grinder is known for its excellence, Tsunami grinders are also top on the list. The 50'' grinders come with 28 razor-sharp blades that are ideal for shredding through the herbs with ease. Its magnetic lid also contributes to grinding efficiency, thanks to its bowl-like shape. You can be sure that the herbs will be well ground and moved to the lower chamber, which also works as storage for your stash in case you are on the move.

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