Subtle Black 63MM Tsunami Sunken Top Dry Herb Grinder

by puff21

A good grinder gets the herbs to the appropriate size in no time. However, for someone who travels a lot and carries their smoking accessory, finding a grinder that matches their style also matters. The black Tsunami 63mm top dry herb grinder is an excellent choice if you want to pull a subtle yet dramatic look during your group sessions.


  • 63mm 4-piece herb grinder

  • 28 Razor sharp blades, curved diamond teeth 

  • Magnetic lid that creates a smooth grinding effect 

  • Lightweight and highly durable chromium finish

  • Unique bowl-shaped lid that ensures efficient grinding 

  • Storage container with a scrapper tool 


Its one thing to find a grinder that works perfectly and another to find it in a color that matches your style and demeanor. The black 63mm, 4-piece herb grinder is the best choice for a bold smoking enthusiast who steps out in confidence. The grinder's features include powerful razor-sharp blades, and strong teeth guarantee efficient herb grinding. It also has a strong lid, shaped like a bowl, to help cement the efficiency during grinding. While you may love the storage it comes with, you will likely appreciate the scraper attached to this storage for easier cleaning.

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