50mm Green Caved Top Tsunami Dry Herb Grinder

by puff21

Be in tune with the environment and feel part of the natural surroundings by choosing the green 50mm Rainbow dry herb grinder. This grinder will take your herb grinding to the next level and give a natural appeal.


  • The sunken top resembles a bowl

  • Small and portable

  • 28 razor-sharp blades

  • Premium piece

  • High quality


The green 50mm herb grinder is refreshing, thanks to its bright green appearance. You get both functional and aesthetic value from this grinder. Due to its small and practical size, this grinder is easy to carry around due to its portability. Paired with the right water pipe gives users quite an experience. You can carry the grinder around even if you have to travel. In addition, the bold green will make you stand out when you publicly use it.

More importantly, the grinder works perfectly to deliver the best results, with its top layer supporting and enhancing grinding. This allows all the ground herbs to trickle to the lower chamber at higher speeds. Its grinding quality is assured by the 28 razor-sharp blades that quickly shred through the herbs. It also comes with a curved, bowl-like magnetic lid that helps to enhance efficiency. Once ground, the herbs move to the lower chamber, which acts as storage until you'd want to access the herbs.

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