Red 63MM Tsunami Sunken Top Dry Herb Grinder

by puff21

Finding a good grinder for dabbing enthusiasts is a crucial move. You need to constantly look for a grinder that is worth it in terms of quality and performance. Fortunately, the red Tsunami 63mm top dry herb grinder works magic.


  • 63mm 4-piece herb grinder

  • 28 Razor sharp blades, curved diamond teeth 

  • Magnetic lid that creates a smooth grinding effect 

  • Lightweight and highly durable chromium finish

  • Unique bowl-shaped lid that ensures efficient grinding 

  • Storage container with a scrapper tool 


Getting the red 63mm, 4-piece herb grinder is the best choice any smoking lover can make. This grinder features powerful razor-sharp blades coupled with strong teeth that efficiently grind herbs into desired sizes. To make it easier, it has a lid resembling a bowl that enhances its effectiveness. What's more, you don't only get adequate storage, but the container also comes with a scraper that makes it easy to clean your grinder after use. 

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