Geek Bar Pulse 15K Frozen Edition Disposable Vape

by puff21

Say hello to the new addition of Geek Bar Pulse 15k Disposable Vape, the Frozen Edition! This brand took over the market by storm with being the first to disposable with a full LED display screen showcasing battery and e-juice levels. Enjoy extended smoking sessions with up to 15,000 puffs and indulge in delicious, unique aromas like the Fcuking Fab or Meta Moon. Now, they've expanded their amazing flavor line with a heavy emphasis on menthol!

Introducing GeekBar Pulse 15k Frozen Edition flavors, better than you can imagine! They have added six new flavors, all with the same high quality design and features. Switch between two modes for an extra buzz if desired. 

The Icy Series: 

  • Frozen Pina Colada: Dive into the tangy goodness of pineapple, complemented by creamy coconut and a cool, icy sensation.

  • Frozen Strawberry: Enjoy the juicy burst of ripe strawberries with each refreshing puff.

  • Frozen Watermelon: Quench your thirst with the icy blast of a watermelon slushie.

  • Frozen Blackberry Fab: Indulge in the luxurious sweetness of blackberry, enhanced by a touch of frosty magic.

  • Frozen White Grape: Experience the crisp, refreshing flavor of chilled white grapes, invigorating your palate.

  • Frozen Cherry Apple: Delight in the perfect blend of sweet cherries and crisp apples, kissed by a refreshing frost.

Check out their full list of flavors HERE!

The Geek Bar brand represents the future of vaping with its dual mesh technology and a powerful rechargeable battery, no one is topping them. They are working on releasing Pulse X, which has an impressive 25k puffs, it will be coming soon. You can pre order on our website. This product is the best on the market, and we guarantee the best price.

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