Ghost Snowballs THCA Flower 4G Jar

by puff21

The Ghost brand has launched their newest hemp product line, featuring the much awaited Snowballs THCA Flower. Each airtight jar contains 4 grams of premium cannabis. The buds are sticky, thick, and dense, with no shake or trim only the best. All sourced from USA grown plants, you know it’s top shelf.

The best part about Ghost Snowballs is that each bud is rolled in THCA isolate and then coated with THCA Kief, giving you the high of a lifetime. There are three strains, each bursting with unique flavor terpenes to enjoy. All their products are third party tested for quality and potency.

If you want a discreet smoking session, check out the Ghost All In One 7 Grams Slide Piece disposable vape, featuring a powerful blend of THCA, Liquid Diamonds, THCP, and Delta 10.


  • Ghost Train Haze (Sativa)

  • Phantom Cookies (Hybrid)

  • Death Star (Indica)

Product Features: 

  • 4 Grams

  • Coated In Isolate and Kief 

  • Made In USA

  • Third Party Tested

Lab Report

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