Half Bak'd 2 Gram THCP Disposable Pen

by puff21

The new Half Bak’d Primo 2-gram disposable is designed for real and heavy smokers who require extra potency to experience a high. This product is infused with 2 grams of THCP concentrate, which is reported to be 5-10 times stronger than any compound found in cannabis. Additionally, CBD has been added to the blend to generate a more relaxing body high. From its design to the overall experience, this top-shelf quality vape promises to get you BAKED! 

The Half Bak’d Primo Disposable vape represents the future of the dab world, featuring an advanced LED Display that indicates battery life, voltage, and pre-heat countdown. You can stay ahead of the game and adjust the richness of your hit with the variable voltage (0.3 - 0.37 V) feature. This vape is powered by a 250mAh battery that is Type-C rechargeable for quick charging.

Half Bak’d Strains:

  • Blue Milk (Indica)

  • Fruit Funk (Sativa)

  • Pnk Rntz (Hybrid)

  • Pound Cake (Indica)

  • Tropic Kush (Hybrid)

Product Features: 

  • 2 Gram Disposable Vape

  • LED Display

  • 250 mAh Battery

  • Type C

  • Variable Voltage 

  • Preheat Function 

All products are third party tested : LAB REPORT COMING SOON

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