Hi On Nature THCA + THCP Batter 1G Dabs

by puff21

The loved Hi On Nature, is a brand rapidly gaining popularity for their pure and potent THCA + THCP Batter 1g dabs. These premium dabs boast an impressive 80% THCA potency, ensuring a powerful high with every puff. When heat is applied, approximately 0.87% THC is produced for every 1% of THCA, which is crazy! That is more potent than most regular wax. Plus the addition of THCP (rated 3 times stronger than THC) amplifies the effect, delivering an extra kick that sets these dabs apart from the competition. A touch of CBD sauce is included in the mix to create a more relaxing experience.

Hi On Nature is renowned for their edible blends, and they have now expanded their expertise to the dabs market. Their batter delivers a powerful and intense experience with each puff, and being made in the United States you know these are high quality products. Trust us, when we say these are the best dabs on the market. The cherry on top is that these dabs come in six unique strains, each with a distinctive terpene profile that contributes to a delightful flavor. These dabs are perfect for those seeking a strong and flavorful high.


  • Bottle Service (Hybrid)

  • Cannatonic (Hybrid)

  • Crushin' It (Sativa)

  • Main Squeeze (Indica)

  • Slurricane (Indica)

  • Thunderf*ck (Sativa)

If you do not want to go through the hassle of dabbing, then check out Hi On Nature disposable vape, which is the same blend as the wax. Two grams, so a little more plus a lot more convenient you just take the vape out the box and start smoking. All their products have been third party tested, so trust! 

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