Hidden Hills Mini Mart Bar THCA 1G

by puff21

The new Hidden Hills Mini Mart Bar disposable is finally here, bursting with flavor and potency. Each vape is pre-filled with 1 gram of Liquid Diamonds THCA concentrate, blended with natural terpenes to create the perfect high. It's all packed into an easy to use device with a single button that controls everything and is Type-C rechargeable for quick charging.

The Liquid Diamonds not only add potency but also enhance the strain’s flavor profile, with 6 strains to enjoy. Plus, THCA is one of the strongest compounds found in hemp extracts, truly setting the Hidden Hills apart from the market.

All their products are third party tested to ensure the highest quality and compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. Rest assured, all their products are sourced from US-grown cannabis, ensuring trusted quality.


  • Bang Pop OG (Indica)

  • Berry Blizzard (Indica)

  • Blue Lamb Latto (Sativa)

  • Hubba Babba (Hybrid)

  • Lemon Octane Punch (Sativa)

  • Surprise Zurpe (Hybrid)

Product Features: 

  • 1 Gram Disposable Vape

  • Rechargeable Type C Battery

  • Third Party Tested

  • Made In US


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