Mad Honey Mind Bender Nühoney 7mL

by puff21

Treat yourself to a unique honey adventure with Mad Honey Mind Bender Nühoney 7mL pack. Coming from Nepal, all natural psychedelic honey also known as "MAD Honey" or "Red Honey" provides a special and exciting experience for both your taste buds and your mind.


Perhaps you are curious about what Mad Honey is. It is a special kind of honey made by bees when they eat the nectar from rhododendron flowers, mainly Rhododendron luteum and Rhododendron flowers. These specific flowers have grayanotoxins, which are natural substances that cause hallucinogenic effects.

Every sachet of Mind Bender NuHoney offers a unique flavor experience, where sweetness and psychedelia intertwine in way unlike any other. Each sachet comes with 7mL of 100% authentic honey, you will barely taste it but very powerful effects. There are three amazing flavors available in the Mind Bender Nühoney line: vanilla, blueberry, and sweet.

For your first time, we suggest beginning with one sachet and waiting 30 minutes for the effects to take effect. If you want a better experience, take more, to enhance the immersive mental experience, think about adding 1-2 extra sachets based on your personal taste. I understand your thoughts right now, "Is mad honey legal?" Definitely. Mad Honey is made entirely from natural ingredients and is fully compliant with US regulations, allowing you to consume it without any concerns.

Product Info: 

- 7mL per sachet of Mad Honey

- 100% Natural

- From Nepal 

- Hallucinogenic Effects

- 3 Flavors: Vanilla, Sweet, and Blueberry

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