Mercury 510 Cart Battery + Water Bubbler

by puff21


Check out Strio’s brand new bubbler! The Strio Mercury vape battery is perfect for wax or oil and has a lot of awesome features making this a very fun piece to use. Let’s just start with the light show. A different color for the 4 different voltage settings that lights up the whole device. The Strio Mercury vape battery also comes with a bubbler! How cool is that?? Fits 510 vape cartridges up to 15mm. Easy micro-USB charging, 3 button preheat and I’ve saved the best for last–the ceramic concentrate atomizer!! This feature keeps the device burning at an even temp and no more burnt flavor ever! You won’t find this anywhere else, and the STRIO quality is evident when you hold the Strio Mercury in your hand.

  • For 510 thread vape battery
  • 650 mAh vape battery
  • micro-USB charging
  • Preheat function
  • Ceramic concentrate atomizer
  • voltage: 3.2v/3.6v/4.0v Power wave 2.2v-3.6v with cycle lights
  • For both oil and wax use, with glass bubbler.

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