MJ Arsenal Orbital Saturn Mini Water Pipe

by puff21
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MJ Arsenal is certainly a leader in unique mini water pipe production. Saturn is the second featured mini pipe you'll fall in love with. True to its name, it highlights some of the outstanding features of the solar system. The high-tech standards in this pipe are certainly not those you see in carbon-based planets.


  • 8" tall Saturn Mini Water Pipe. 

  • A part of the MJ Arsenal Orbital Series. 

  • Out-of-this-world design features circular perc, ice pinch, and bent neck. 

  • It includes a 10mm flower bowl. 


The Saturn pipe allows users to upgrade from ordinary bongs to one that stands out. Its unique donut shape allows smoke to percolate before rising. It's built with an ice pinch and a bent neck that supports slow and relaxed toking. Thanks to the 10 mm angle flower bowl, no spills occur during your sessions.

But why should you choose this specific mini pipe, one may ask? First, its small size is ideal for maintaining and retaining the flavors/ terpenes in your herbs, as these often degrade whenever they come into contact with air. The small pipe ensures that the terpenes remain compacted and ready for when you are in the mood to smoke and relax.

Saturn is excellent for those who care about style. It comes with a sleek design depicting something unique and uncommon. Its beauty, coupled with excellent functionality, gives this piece wholesome beauty. The percolation, airflow, and the overall aesthetic of Saturn make it an unforgettable piece of glass. Don't worry about its small design, as it packs a flavor punch, ensuring you have a mysterious experience just like you would out in space. You will feel the orbit with terps being out of this world. After all, less air equals more flavor.

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