Multi-colored 3 in 1 Perc with Horn Bowl

by puff21

Elevate your smoking experience and make it three times better. Choose this straight shooter with 3 percs to make your smoking session extra. This is your chance to have a cool smoking experience, thanks to the great and colorful 3x perc.

  • Highlights

  • Inches: 10"

  • Thickness: 5 mm

  • Available colors: Red, Aqua, Yellow, Green, and Orange


Nothing elevates your smoking experience better than the MK 100 3X perc does. It is what you need to make your smoking sessions three times better than they already are. Furthermore, it has three different percs that make smoking sessions with this straight shooter exceptional.  

You get a honeycomb percolator from the bottom that lets your smoke come out cleaner. It also delivers a cooler smoke since more water comes into contact with it. 

Its second base has a turbine percolator. You can expect a show with this perc when smoking since it causes a whirlpool effect with the water in your water pipe. This guarantees a refreshing hit as well as an entertaining whirlpool effect. Finally, a splash guard perc is available at the top of the straight shooter.

The perc will help keep you safe from getting facial water splashes. The great 3x perc also comes with a ribbon screen horn bowl. It is decorated at the top with the classic MK100 logo, adding a one-of-a-kind touch and elevating the straight shooter's aesthetics. You can get it in your favorite colors, including red, yellow, aqua, orange, and green.

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