One-Piece MK100 No Weld Tornado Banger Nail Set

by puff21

MK100 Tornado V2 Premium Quartz Banger Nail Set comes with a one-piece – no weld Banger, a Dichro style Carb Cap, and 2 Ruby Quartz Pearls.

The innovative banger design helps to bring about the future of dabbing. It also features a one-piece No Weld Banger, making the 14mm male Banger function best whenever concentrates are loaded into the bottom. This is when it uses the natural air spiral to vaporize wax and shatter it.


  • One Piece – No weld Banger

  • Frosted Joint

  • 25mm Dish

  • Flat Top

  • 90 Degree

  • 99.99% Quartz

  • 14mm Flat Top Banger


The MK100 Tornado Quartz Banger Slurper Set is basically a 14mm slurper complete with pearls and a carb cap. This set features a quartz banger with a tornado dish, two ruby dab pearls, and a clear ball carb cap with galaxy infusion. Unlike traditional terp slurper, the tornado terp slurper has directional cuts on the bottom that create a circular motion inside the bucket. The banger is still fed from outside the bottom dish, but you still need to use pearls instead of a pill. These will spin with significant speed.

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