MK100 Perfect Combo Ratchet Perc Recycler

by puff21

This is another excellent water pipe from MK100. The recycler is one of the best glass pipes you can spend your money on. It delivers excellent performance and gives off a classy, high-end look that you will feel proud to be associated with.


  • 7” MK100 Ratchet Perc Side Recycler

  • Inches: 7″ Tall

  • Joint Size: 14mm

  • Comes with 14mm MK100 Premium Banger

  • Colors available: Black, Green, and Purple


There is a lot one can say about this glass, but what crowns it all is that it is the perfect choice for people who want a combo of quality and class. It is a creation from MK100 Glass which is known for delivering quality and function in all its products. This amazing Ratchet Perc water pipe is no exception.

The recycler features a recessed 14mm male joint and a Sherlock-style mouthpiece that prevents water from splashing into the user’s mouth. It also has a flared mouthpiece that ensures a tight seal and a bent neck with a thick, 90˚ glass reinforcement to help improve and add to its stability. In addition, this recycler comes with ratchet perc that diffuses and filters smoke through its many tiny slits. This way, it guarantees clean and smooth hits every time it is used.

This glass pipe has a thick, circular base and stands about 7″ tall. It also includes a 14mm male MK100 Premium Banger for dry herbs. In addition, the recycler has a polished joint that adds a high-end, classy look and feels to it. This glass pipe is made from 5mm thick, high-grade Borosilicate glass. 

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