MK100 Functional Wigwag Wave Pipe

by puff21

This is an excellent choice for people who care more about performance and excellent functionality. You'll also probably fall in love with the bold American colors it comes in. The 12'' MK100 Wigwag water pipe is certainly an excellent investment for pipe lovers who want the best.


  • Inches: 12″ Tall

  • Available colors: Yellow, Green, Orange, and Blue

  • Comes with a free 18mm Male built-in screen Horn bowl


You probably aren't even ready for the magnificent MK100 Wigwag Wave Pipe. This product is a work of art. It is not very different from all other MK100 pieces in terms of quality. You can be sure you will be getting an amazing quality water pipe for your regular use. It is a double-layer water pipe with two great percolators. On the top of the pipe, you will get bell perc that moves through each slit and helps filter your hit aggressively.

At the bottom toward the base, you will get inline perc that bubbles through the slits and diffuses your hit. This piece's main part is the wigwag located at the bottom of the base and the top of the bell perc. To crown, this stunning piece is the gorgeous colored horn bowl included as part of the piece. The good news is that you can find all these pieces in your favorite color. They are available in 4 colors, American yellow, green, blue, and orange.

Its ufo-shaped Showerhead Perc is placed in its center and also a well-worked inline on the bottom. The two percolators work in unison to offer a truly smooth experience. Additionally, you do not have to incur any extra cost to get the 18mm Male built-in screen Horn bowl, which comes in the same color as the pipe. This is certainly a piece designed for overall excellence.

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