Inbuilt MK100 Stash Rig

by puff21

The 7″ MK100 Stash Rig is an okay rig for most parts. The stash jar may be small for some people, but it is still practical. All you have to do is learn how to use hot water to clean it, and you are good to go.


  • 7" MK100 Stash Rig with Built-in Jar

  • Inches: 7" Tall

  • Thickness: 7mm

  • Color: Black and Slime-Green


MK100 Glass is not an industry leader for no reason. The company focuses on creating the best glass pipes that afford both values for cash and quality in one go. A good example would be this Dab Rig, designed to deliver just the right amount on percolation while maintaining all the juice. The 7″ MK100 Stash Rig delivers the perfect experience without reducing the flavor. 

It is basically a borosilicate glass rig with a straight tube mouthpiece. The rig's best feature is its built-in stash jar that serves as a storage for your herbs. The showerhead percolator is a good addition since it effortlessly pushes water and bubbles to the chamber's side, making it resilient to even your deepest inhales. 

The rig comes with a matching 14mm bowl piece. You can tell that the manufacturers know how to make you happy when making high-quality glass pipes are concerned. This is one rig that delivers both excellent performance and beauty. 

Moreover, it is one piece you'll probably have for a long time since it is incredibly durable. 

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