MK100 7’’ Top Notch Trio Recycler with Premium Banger

by puff21
  • The KM46-7'' MK100 Trio recycler is easy on the eyes. It is a cute pipe that comes in several colors. You can pick the blue, grey, purple, or pink options depending on what you find more attractive. 


    • MK100 Glass 7″ Trio Recycler with Premium Quartz Banger

    • Inches: 7″

    • Thickness: 5mm

    • Comes with Premium 14mm Male Quartz banger

    • Colors: Blue/Grey, Pink/Purple


    Whether you get it in blue, purple, pink, or grey, you can be sure that this 7'' trio recycler will soon become your favorite glass. The pipe is cute and attractive, so you would not mind showing it off. It is 7'' tall and 5mm wide. You also get a free banger since the pipe comes with a Premium 14mm Male Quartz banger. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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