MK100 Stylish Mini Globe Dab Rig

by puff21

This is a 4'' MK100 mini globe rig that many users identify with. It is not only stylish but also gives sophisticated vibes. It is an excellent choice for any stylish individual. It may be small but packs a lot of power, guaranteeing an experience like no other.


  • Inches: 4" Tall

  • It comes with a 14mm MK Premium Quartz Banger

  • Thickness: 5mm

  • Joint Size: 14mm

  • Color: Blue, White, Black, and Slime Green


Get a fresh experience with the Mini Globe Rig from MK100 Glass. It is a rig like no other. The 4" Mini Globe Rig is designed to hold big clouds for a great rip, thanks to its large globe chamber. Besides that, users are free to transform it from a bong to a dab rig by simply adding a 14mm Bowl! This stylish glass encourages users to toke and dab all in one because of its elegant design.

You can have it in a color that best complements you. The available color options include blue, white, and black, letting you decide on the world you live in. Besides getting the beautiful mini rig, you also get a 14mm MK Premium Banger. This masterpiece can easily be displayed as decor/ an art piece when not in use. Utilize it later for the perfect smoke or dab. You can bet you will enjoy your smoke and explore the world from your comfort zone. 

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