Magnificent MK100 Thunderbolt Recycler Rig

by puff21

The thunderbolt recycler is designed to offer users the ultimate smoking experience. If you have not tried any of the MK100 Glass products, this would be an excellent pick to start with. Its size and width ensure that you get the best that rigs have to offer.


  • Mk100 Thunder Bolt Recycler

  • Inches: 8" Tall

  • It comes with a 14mm MK Banger

  • Thickness: 5mm

  • Joint Size: 14mm

  • Available Colors: Blue and Purple


The thunderbolt recycler stands at 8inches tall, a size good enough to deliver the ultra-smooth hits every dabbing enthusiast enjoys. You want a good feeling each time you bring out the concentrate oils and favorite flowers. It is designed with a waffle 4-hole inverted Perc to guarantee exceptional filtration and diffusion.

Besides filtering, the recycler also helps prevent splashes and spills since it comes with a splash guard. You should expect to have an improved taste in flavor if you decide to embrace this recycler rig. For those who care about aesthetics and appearances, you can get the rig in either blue or black full colors. It also comes with an MK banger for an even better experience.

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