Phenomenal MK100 Wine Glass Inline Recycler

by puff21

Turn yourself into an amazing host by including the wine glass recycler by MK100 glass. It is a newer and perfect version that works for just about anyone. The sizing is right, and a surety to guarantee the best experience.


  • MK100 Wine Glass Inline Recycler

  • Inches: 9" Tall

  • It comes with a 14mm MK Premium Banger

  • Thickness: 7mm

  • Joint Size: 14mm

  • Available colors: Pink, Black, Blue, and Purple


When your goal as a host is to impress, you will definitely go all out. Adding the Wine Glass Inline Recycler is a great idea if you host a thanksgiving party. Being the newest version of the Wine Glass Recycler by MK100 Glass, you will soon discover why it is a worthy investment. All indications prove that it was something worth waiting for. 

You can consider it a medium-sized dab rig that is perfect for most people. Its recycling action is always pleasant since it eliminates splash and helps to maximize flavors. The three-hole percolator also seems to have the perfect amount of holes to allow you to get a nice controlled pull that is not too airy but just right. 

You'll love this piece because it won't stay dirty since it cleans easily and has a mouth hole that is widened for easy filling. Many people will agree that it is a great addition to any collection and even graduate it to perfect everyday use glass. The good news is that this Wine Glass designed recycler comfortably meets all your expectations without putting a huge dent in your pocket. You'll even get a thick MK Premium Quartz Banger for no extra charge, giving you value for money. 

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