MK100 Compact Mini Cylone Recyler

by puff21

Recyclers take users' experience to the next level, and the Cyclone recycler is one of the best at this. The compact recycler is built to function innovatively and shows why MK100 recyclers have taken the smoking world by storm.


  • 8" MK100 Cyclone Recycler

  • Inches: 8" Tall

  • Joint Size: 14mm

  • Comes with 14mm MK100 Premium Banger


This 8'' MK100 compact cyclone recycler easily makes it to the list of the best recyclers you can go for. It is an excellent pick for when you are ready for a session. 

MK100 Glass is known for its innovative products, and recyclers are one of their best productions. This specific Cyclone one is excellent proof of quality in its build and functionality. 

Users are assured of an unmatched smoothness of water filtration to their inhalations. It also ensures that the vapor gets cooled efficiently. 

 Moreover, it is a mini recycler with showerhead perc and excellent slits. Such a recycler allows you to observe as water trickles down the attached tube after recycling. Finally, it has a 15mm thick base to allow you to store it in the smallest spaces in your home.

You'll love that it comes with a 14mm MK100 premium banger to take your experience a notch higher. It is the perfect rig for those who want something small but not too tiny.

This recycler also comes with a 14mm MK100 Premium Banger. Recycling with these rigs will eliminate splashes and cool the smoke, thus releasing the full flavors. It is the smoothness that makes this a badass rip worth investing in.

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