Refreshing MK100 Clear Heavy Recycler

by puff21

This is certainly a beauty to behold. Besides its impressive features and appearance, what makes it even more ideal is the ability to take your smoking experience to the next level. The functionality of the MK100 recycler is unmatched. It is 9 inches tall and 7mm thick. In addition, many love that it is clear, as this makes it easy to see everything with clarity.


  • Inches: 9" Tall

  • Thickness: 7mm

Available colors: Clear


If all you ever wanted is a cool, refreshing, and fulfilling smoking session, then the MK100 Clear Heavy Recycler will surely get you there. It features a showered perc behind the success of your smoking sessions. This 9-inch recycler will allow just the right amount of water to hit each arm, offering you the ultimate rip. Its mouthpiece is adorned with a beautiful golden MK100 logo. You can count on the recycler to give you a refreshing dab whenever you need to indulge. Besides that, this piece will stun you as far as quality goes. You never have to worry about how it looks aesthetically just in case you need to use it in public. It also has a matching bowl with the golden MK100 logo included with the recycler

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