MK100 Wigwag Top Horn Screen Bowl

by puff21

Get this cute and dope bowl in a color that resonates best with you. The Wigwag top horn screen bowl stands 2'' tall and has a male joint size of 14mm. It is a worthwhile addition to your collection, considering its affordability and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Joint size: 14mm Male joint Size

  • Inches: 2″ Tall

  • Wigwag Colors

  • Available colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, and Teal Blue


This is such an amazingly beautiful bowl that will make a great addition to your collection. It is one of the many wig wag bowls beautifully done by the MK100 Glass foreign artisan team. The top horn screen bowl is one of the affordable options you will come across. The color inside the ribbon cane is also very attractive.

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