Beautiful Wigwag Long Horn Bowl

by puff21

Do you love collecting beautiful things? If so, you will love to include the beautiful MK100 Wigwag long horn bowl in your collection. Trust MK100 Glass to come up with a magnificent bowl. This specific one is a creation of their foreign artisan team, which did an exceptional job. 


  • 14mm Male joint Size

  • Inches: 2" Tall

  • Wigwag Colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, and Teal Blue


For a product, this dope and affordable, the cute MK100 Wigwag Long Horn Bowl is one of those considered must-haves for dabbing lovers. You'll be drawn by the color inside the ribbon, considering how magnificent it is. What's more, you can always get it in your favorite colors. The available options come in purple, yellow, teal blue, green, blue, and red. So your smoking experience doesn't have to be dull when you can play around with the bowls to add a bit of color.

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