by puff21

This is an excellent choice for those seeking to upgrade to more practical bowls. It is easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, if you find it difficult to keep your piece clean because the ash tends to be stuck, you may want to consider getting the Wigwag fusion bowl.


  • It comes with a 14mm bowl

  • It has a built-in screen

  • Available colors: Teal/white, teal/orange, Teal/yellow, Teal/red/white


MK100 Glass has done an excellent job with the Wig-Wag Fusion Screened 14mm Bowl! It is the right remedy for those who want to change or upgrade their 14mm bowls. One thing you'll like about these bowls is that they come with a built-in screen to help hold the leftover ash and prevent it from getting into your piece. Consequently, you'll find that your piece remains cleaner for longer. This could be the ideal solution for percs that happen to clog regularly. The bowls feature magnificent wig-wag designs and also have a small handle that helps when pulling out the bowl.

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