Upgraded MK100 Arm Treeperc Downstems

by puff21

Downstems are important for the best experience with your beaker bong. However, not all downstems are created equal. The 4''MK100 6-Arm Treeperc downstem is a worthy investment for regular users. You'll notice a major difference once you make the shift and probably never go back to what you used before.


  • MK100 14mm 6-Arm Treeperc Downstems

  • Inches: 4" in Length

  • Colors: Blue, White, Green, Dark Blue, and Black


Choosing the tree perc downstem is a major upgrade from any basic downstem that may have come with your bong. You'll notice that your bong suddenly hits differently and delivers much better outcomes. For one, you will get much cleaner, tastier, and smoother hits. The 18mm to 14mm Tree Perc Downstem has 6 separate arms that tend to efficiently diffuse the smoke before it gets to your lips. Choosing to add this diffused downstem to your bong is a real game-changer.

You'll begin getting rips that are much more powerful, flavorful, and overall satisfying. The moment you get to try your new tree perc downstem, it's a guarantee that you'll never go back to any of the regular downstems you may have been used to again. The good news is that they come in different variations since they are available in several colors. Just be sure that the tree perc downstems fit your bong correctly as they should. 

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