MK100 ilky Way Showerhead Downstem for Enhanced Outcome

by puff21

To achieve a smooth hit, the type of downstem you go for matters just as much as the beaker bong. Therefore, make a point of selecting the right one from the word go. The 4'' custom milky showerhead downstem is a great choice for those who want an excellent smoking experience.


  • Inches: 5" in Length

  • American Slime Colors

  • Colors: Blue, Purple, and Pink

  • Perc: Showerhead Downstem

  • Type: Showerhead 14MM To 18MM

  • Color: Pink, Blue, and Purple


Your old downstream may not be doing a good job and may affect your smoking experience. It could be the reason behind poor bubbles and insufficient filtration, both of which affect the smoothness of your hit. Getting a brand new downstem to fit your beaker bong perfectly could be the solution to rectify this problem. Consider going for the MK100 Custom Made Milky Shower-head Diffuser Downstem. You may be surprised that this Custom Made Showerhead Downstems is one of the best choices! 

Its sizes represent the length of glass below the ground joint. The downstem comes with a Joint Length of 1 1/4", with the outer joint fitting inside an 18mm female joint. The Inner joint fits 14mm male accessories. Like all other MK100 pipes, this product is of top-notch quality because it is made with thick heavy glass.

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