Modus Exotic THCA Diamond Dabs 2 Grams

by puff21

Get high as a kite with the Modus Dabs, famous for their potent hemp derived products that are changing the game. Celebrated for their expertise in irresistible edibles and pushing boundaries in cannabis concentrates, Modus presents their latest addition, Exotic THCA Diamond Dabs. This remarkable blend merges potent THCA diamonds with an enticing terpene live resin sauce, promising it hits harder than any other wax on the market. 

The Modus Exotic THCA Diamond Dabs, elegantly housed in two gram jars, ideal for personal use or sharing with friends, either way you are getting stoned! The true allure lies in the flavorful terpene live resin sauce, ensuring each dab is a burst of flavor. With three captivating strains available, each tailored to deliver distinct effects, there is an indica for more of a body buzz while sativa gives you more of a mind high. The hybrid is a mix of both worlds. And for those opting for a smoke free alternative, check out Modus Maxed Out Gummies 1000 mg! 


  • Shirley Temple (Sativa)

  • Red Velvet (Indica)

  • Lemon Cherry Zlushie (Hybrid)

All Their products are third party tested to ensure quality, potency and that they follow all laws. 


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