12'' Green Pink NEU Tornado DNA Beaker

by puff21

The colorful 12'' green-pink NEU Tornado DNA beaker with a herb bowl is something you certainly need to add to your collection of glasses. Elevate your dabbing sessions using this beaker and enjoy its beauty by letting everyone see. 


  • Spinning DNA percolator

  • Showerhead downstem

  • wide beaker base for stability

  • Perfect smoking angle

  • 10mm Male Dry Herb Bowl


Getting this Green-pink NEU Tornado DNA Beaker will enhance your dabbing session and make you stand out. The bong is classy and chic. It features a DNA perc spinning design that makes the 12″ classic beaker-style water pipe outstanding. It also has a twist in the design to guarantee excellent smoking sessions.

Like other beaker bongs, this green-pink beaker will elevate the taste of the herbs you put in it and give you the best taste. With a wide base, it will hold more smoke, which translates into excellent hits and exceptional highs. This beaker also holds more water when compared to other types of bongs, meaning that it has better filtration and, as such, delivers a higher and better-dabbing experience. If you are interested in enjoying similar perks and still get to display this cure beaker, get yourself one in green pink.

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