Purple Brown 12'' NEU Tornado DNA Beaker

by puff21

Get this cute beaker with a herb bowl in the purple-brown shade. It will not only deliver excellent results but also sit pretty if you ever choose to display it.


  • Spinning DNA percolator

  • Showerhead downstem

  • wide beaker base for stability

  • Perfect smoking angle

  • 10mm Male Dry Herb Bowl


The NEU Tornado DNA Beaker is a classy bong with DNA perc spinning feature. The 12″ classic beaker-style water pipe with a twist ensures you enjoy your smoking experience. Like all beaker bongs, you can be sure that this creation by NEU Tornado will enhance the taste of the herbs you want to smoke. The wide bong base holds a lot more smoke and, as such, will deliver a great hit and ensure you get a bigger high. After all, the beaker will hold more water, which automatically gives better filtration. Getting it in your favorite color is an added advantage because you can proudly display it whenever it is not in use.

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