10'' Green-Pink NEU Tornado DNA Rig Water Pipe

by puff21

Selecting the green-pink Neu Tornado DNA Rig water pipe assures you a breathtaking smoking experience without taking away the color. Glass pipe collectors who enjoy standing out will love this one.


  • Spinning DNA percolator

  • 14mm Male Dry Herb Bowl

  • Showerhead downstem

  • Wide beaker base for stability

  • Smooth smoke

  • Perfect smoking angle


The green/pink Neu Tornado DNA Rig water pipe is not your ordinary water pipe. It is excellent if you need aesthetics and an excellent smoking experience. You can be sure to stand out wherever in a group session, thanks to the bold colors. The water pipe elevates your experience without making the whole process dull or boring with plain colors. Instead, incorporating the bright green and pink makes you stand out. Its spinning percolator and the shower head downstem are some of its best-designed features as they ensure you get the best smoking experience. Additionally, the piece delivers a smooth smoke without straining because of the smoking angle that prevents your neck from working too hard. It is certainly one of the best choices to consider, especially if you want more glasses to display.

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