10'' Pink Green NEU Tornado DNA Rig Water Pipe

by puff21

Choose this pink-green Neu Tornado DNA Rig water pipe for a colorful dabbing experience. Its vibrant colors will definitely make you stand out.


  • Spinning DNA percolator

  • 14mm Male Dry Herb Bowl

  • Showerhead downstem

  • Wide beaker base for stability

  • Smooth smoke

  • Perfect smoking angle


The pink-green Neu Tornado DNA Rig water pipe sounds like a great choice for someone who wants more than just a great experience. If you care about standing out and looking good as you dab, you'll want something that makes you pop. This water pipe does exactly that without taking away the excellent features of the piece. The spinning percolator and the shower head downstem work together with other design features to ensure you get the best smoking experience. In addition, this piece delivers smooth smoke without having to strain to get it, thanks to the perfect smoking angle. This would be the perfect choice for comfort and results.

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