10'' Purple brown NEU Tornado DNA Wp Rig

by puff21

Picking the 1O'' purple-brown NEU Tornado DNA beaker is a great choice if you are keen on collecting practical and cute glasses. This glass will take your dabbing sessions to the next level too. 


  • Spinning DNA percolator

  • Showerhead downstem

  • 10mm herb bowl

  • Wide beaker base for stability

  • Perfect smoking angle

  • 10mm Male Dry Herb Bowl

  • Smooth smoke


Are you particular about how a glass you use looks? If this sounds like you then you will like the beautiful 1O'' purple-brown NEU Tornado DNA beaker. This not only looks great when displayed but is also functionally great since it enhances your dabbing session. You'll be a proud owner of this classy and chic pipe without having to spend too much on it. The rig has a classy design that makes the 10″ classic water pipe stand out without even trying.

Functionally, this rig is great for smoking sessions. It resembles other bongs in its category because it will elevate the taste of your herbs. The wide base helps to increase stability and deliver exceptional hits and highs.

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