Affordable Lightweight Ongrok Grinder

by puff21

A grinder does not have to cost an arm and a leg to own. It neither has to be bulky nor impossible to carry around. The revolutionary Ongrok grinder is proof of this. These pieces of premium aircraft-grade aluminum grinders are perfect for regular travelers. They are not only pleasant to look at but also functional, powerful, and easy to store.


  • Triangular teeth crafted from aircraft-grade, durable aluminum

  • Deep chambers on all pieces allow the grinder to function as herb storage

  • It contains features such as a convenient quarter-turn function for locking, as well as a magnetic lead

  • The bottom piece can be exchanged with ONGROK storage pucks

  • It comes with a guitar pick scoop & brush

  • The removable screen makes it easy to clean


Everyone needs a powerful grinder to serve them even when they are on the move. The Ongrok grinder is the perfect choice because of its quality and practicality. This grinder is heavy-duty and effortlessly achieves medium to fine grinds each time it is in use. It is also made to last and serve you for a long time, hence a great investment and value for your money. What's more, you can get it in multiple colors, including gold, silver, black, green, and pink, depending on what suits your aesthetic preference.

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