Leaf-inspired Ongrok Rolling Tray

by puff21

Ongrok is one of the best tray manufacturers you will come across. The company is known for making creative yet functional wooden rolling trays that double up as great home use pieces. 


  • Handmade and unique; no two trays are the same

  • Food safe

  • Large surface

  • It comes with a discard corner

  • Artisan's hand made

  • Lap sized trays

  • Small compartments

  • Excellent home accessory

  • Can make great decorative trays


The Ongrok life-inspired rolling tray offers you a practical solution for when you want to roll your smoking accessories. It works excellently for both loose tobacco and rolling papers. These trays are hand crafted, making them achieve a unique polished look and a pleasant aesthetic appeal. Each of the Ongrok trays comes coated with a food-safe layer meaning they can conveniently be used around the house. They are excellent for smoking as they help keep your accessories in one place. They are also easy to move around with since they are reasonably sized and a great addition to one's collection.

Moreover, these trays are easy to clean and have a discard section. Are you worried about how to store them? Just display them as unique decor pieces and grab them when you need them.

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