Orbit Air Vaporizer

by puff21


The Strio dry herb vaporizer is the perfect piece for any dry herb enthusiast. In addition to displaying temperature readings and settings, the OLED display on this device also allows users to control convection air heating. This makes it a great choice for those who want maximum flexibility when using dry herbs

The convenient size of the Strio makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go, while the user manual and included chamber cleaning brush make maintenance a breeze. Plus, no need to worry about running out of power mid-session; the USB charging cable lets you quickly recharge the device whenever needed. Best of all, the mouthpiece filter ensures pure flavor every time – no more dry or burnt tasting dry herbs!

For anyone looking for a dry herb device that offers flexibility and convenience without sacrificing quality, the Strio dry herb vaporizer is an excellent choice. It delivers consistent performance at an affordable price – plus its sleek design makes it an attractive addition to any collection. When combined with dry herbs of your choice, this well-crafted device can provide a truly unparalleled experience. So if you’re in search of a dry herb vape that stands out from the crowd, look no further than the Strio!

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  • Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Convection heating
  • Session time: 3-6 minutes
  • Chamber capacity: 0.15g
  • Easy care air path
  • OLED display

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