Palax KC8000 Zero Nicotine Disposable 0%

by puff21

One of the only 0% nicotine disposable vapes in the world, the Palax KC8000. Designed for those craving the smoke but seek a no buzz vaping experience and looking to quit smoking. First up, let's talk about puff count. This device boasts a powerful, smooth 8000 puffs. Each comes loaded with a generous 18 mL capacity of E-liquid, which is more than most brands fill their pens, Palax is setting a new standard in the disposable vape scene.

The Palax KC8000 zero nicotine, features a classic 600mAh battery, ensuring a reliable power source with the convenient USB Type-C rechargeable port, recharging is quick and easy, making this a cost effective and cheap disposable option for vapers.

However, this brand takes it to another level with its built in smart LED display screen, you can keep an eye on the battery life and how much juice is left. Every time you take a puff, the screen will turn on. When it comes to choosing the best zero nicotine disposable vape, look no further than this. Its exceptional performance, amazing flavors, and cool features like the smart display make it your best option to quit or slow down on vaping. Trust us when we say, it has one of the best fresh mints on the market, hands down!


  • Apple Lemon Mint: A refreshing blend of crisp apple, tangy lemon, and cool mint for a vibrant and invigorating vape.
  • Black Dragon Ice: A powerful mix of grape, dragon fruit, and icy freshness that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Blue Razz Slushi: A sweet and slightly tart blue raspberry slush that tantalizes the taste buds.
  • Caribbean Breeze: A cocktail-inspired blend that captures the essence of a sunset on your favorite beach.
  • Cotton Candy: A delightful and whimsical cotton candy flavor that is sure to put a smile on your face.
  • Dragon Bear: A unique fusion of exotic dragon fruit and playful gummy bear flavors for a satisfying vape.
  • Fresh Mint: A clean and crisp mint flavor offering a cool and refreshing sensation with every puff.
  • Lush Peach Dew: A juicy and succulent peach flavor complemented by the refreshing taste of dew for a truly lush vaping experience.
  • Mango Aloe Ice: A tropical blend of mangoes, soothing aloe, and a hint of icy freshness for a revitalizing finish.
  • Mango Chill: Cold and sweet flavors of Mexican mango for a refreshing and exotic vaping experience.
  • Mix Bears: A playful mix of assorted gummy bears delivering a sweet and chewy delight with every inhale.
  • Mix Hard Candy: A delightful blend of your favorite hard candies providing a burst of sweetness and nostalgic flavors.
  • Pacific Chill: A calming blend of fruity punch, crisp apple, and refreshing ice that transports you to the serenity of the ocean.
  • Straw Gummy Lemonade: A creative combination of strawberry gummies and classic lemonade for a sweet and tangy vaping treat.
  • Straw Ice Cream: A creamy and rich strawberry ice cream flavor, a delightful dessert-inspired vape.
  • Tiger Blood: Unleash your wild side with the energetic and invigorating essence of a popular energy drink.

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