Palax Salt Nicotine Juice 35MG

by puff21

If you are looking for salt nicotine e-liquid that tastes just like disposable vapes, you need to try Palax Salt Nic Juice, available exclusively in 35 mg. Say goodbye to harsh tasting juice, each puff is delightful and fresh.

Each bottle of Palax Salt Nic has a 30mL capacity and comes in 6 delicious flavors, promising the same great taste as their popular disposable vapes. The juice blend is 30% PG and 70% VG, ensuring a smooth experience on the coils.

Palax Salt Flavors: 

  • Pinkie: A freshly squeezed lemonade blended with sweet strawberries. 

  • Fresh Mint: A crisp, cool mint that tastes like peppermint providing your tastes buds with a fresh finish. 

  • Twister Blue: A classic tangy blue raspberry flavor. 

  • Summer Vibes: A summertime treat, the perfect balance of citrus and tropical fruits. 

  • Cherry Lemon: No it does not taste like cherry medicine instead sweet cherries mixed with a refreshing lemon tang. 

  • Fcuking FABRich juicy mangoes with pineapple and sweet candy flavor. 

Product Features: 

  • 35 MG Salt Nicotine Level

  • 30 mL Bottle 

  • Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child Resistant Cap

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