Puffco Cupsy Coffee Bong

by puff21


Puffco Cupsy Coffee Bong

The latest product coming from the beloved Puffco brand is the Cupsy. With the Puffco Cupsy, you can enjoy a piping hot cup of joe while indulging in your favorite flower strain.

The Cupsy will make waking up so much easier because it's a very cool and very discreet water bubbler designed to look like a coffee cup.

You can keep the Cupsy out on your breakfast table because it looks like an ordinary, everyday coffee cup. In reality, the Cupsy is an awesome water pipe featuring a stainless steel cup, a silicone lid and external sleeve, and a ceramic bowl for enjoying your favorite herbs.

When you're not seshing, you can store the bowl away in its own secret compartment so you can leave the Cupsy sitting innocently on your table or desk.The mouthpiece and percolator are made using BPA-free plastic, so there's nothing to worry about health-wise.

Using the Cupsy is a piece of cake—just fill the cup with water, snap on the lid, pack the bowl, and blaze it up!

The term "coffee break" takes on a whole new meaning with the Cupsy. We love this thing and think you will too!


  • Brand: Puffco
  • Category Asignments: Bong
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: black and white
  • Base: Round


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