by puff21
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The puffco peak pro is the perfect smart rig for the beginner or the professional concentrate connoisseur. A safe and easy to use rig that is straight to the point.

The puffco peak pro is the catalyst for smart rigs. With extensive customization for both technical and aesthetic purposes. From changing the color of the RGB lights to changing the temperature or adding time to your current sesh!

The Peak Pro also has an app in which you can access all of those customizable features. You can also create “profiles” or “sesh types” to preset a time and temperate for a sesh. Each “profile” is nameable and can be indicated by the color of the RGB lights. The Peak Pro itself can be named in the app, as well!

The Peak Pro takes a long and messy process and condenses it all down into a single rig, and it does it with style. The RGB lighting and the sharp angles make it seem like a its from the future. Because it is the future.

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