Pushin P's Pure THCP Pod System 1G

by puff21

A true game changer is the Pushin P THCP 1G Pod System, a sleek unadulterated potent premium thcp cannabinoid’s vape. One of the only brands with a pod system for high quality cannabis oil on the market. Made for those seeking to take things up a notch and be higher than the clouds. This device is perfect, small, powerful and fast acting. 

Not only is Pushin P THCP Pod System rated for high potency, research shows THCP is stronger than THC. It has a similar structure to THC but with a longer side chain, which helps it bind more effectively to human cannabinoid receptors. We recommend starting with 1-3 puffs, wait about 5-10 minutes and the effects should fully kick in. If you want to be stoned, take 5-10 puffs! 

Pushin P Flavors + Strains: 

  • P.B. Breath – Indica
  • Blew Berry – Hybrid
  • Apple Treez – Sativa
  • Blazy Sunday – Indica

All Products Third Party Tested, ensuing safety and that it follows all laws. 


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