Raven 510 Cart Battery

by puff21


Welcome the Strio Vape Battery Raven. This compact 510 battery is a lifesaver. Small and discreet, fits right in your pocket. This device is incredibly user-friendly and a breeze to use. 5 button press start and 3 voltage options to try out. Colorful lights on the side let you know which voltage you are set on leaving no room for error. The blue light is 2.8 V, the green light is 3.3 V and the red light is your highest voltage setting of 3.8 V.

The battery life is awesome at 600mAh and it quickly charges up with a USB type-C charger, which is included. You are given the option of draw activation or button activation. Pressing the button to draw gives you that extra little burst of power and a larger puff. The battery light will flash to let you know when it’s time to charge and you can also check your battery life at any time. So cool! The last and customer-favorite feature of this device is the magnetic ring for the bottom of the cartridge which keeps everything snug and right where it needs to be. 6 cool color options as well to choose from. A great all-rounder! Get your Strio Vape Battery Raven today!


Some features include:

  • 600 mah battery
  • Variable voltage 2.8v/3.3v/3.8v
  • Draw or button activation
  • USB type-C charging
  • Preheat Function
  • 6 color options

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