Shark 510 Cart Battery


Color: Glowing White with Tiffany Blue

Glowing White with Tiffany Blue
Glowing White with Green Dots
Glowing White with Grey
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It’s shark week anytime with this cool little 510 battery! A mini, stylish 500mAh battery that fits most 510 cartridges and is microUSB chargeable. Not only does this battery glow in the dark but it has an awesome surround LED light to really stand out. It comes in 3 glow colors and also has some cool features including a powerful preheat function, an automatic turn-off after 15 minutes while in standby mode and a lanyard hook to give you options of how you want to show off your catch. Dun…dun…dun..dun..dun.dun.dun.dun.dundundundun SHARK!!!!

  • 510 Battery
  • 500 mah battery
  • voltage: 2.8v/3.2v/3.7v/4.2v
  • Preheat function
  • microUSB charging
  • Glow in the dark
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Glowing White with Tiffany Blue, Glowing White with Green Dots, Glowing White with Grey