Stoned Mushrooms Blue Lotus + White Lotus 10,000MG Gummies

by puff21

The perfect shroom trip awaits you with the Stoned Mushrooms Blue Lotus + White Lotus Gummies that is 10,000 mg per pack! Comes with 10 individual gummies that are infused with 300mg of hemp extract, 500mg of Blue Lotus and 200 mg of White Lotus. Making them 1,000mg a piece for a perfect psychedelic effect. 

Blue Lotus and White Lotus are water lilies native to Egypt and parts of Asia that have mild psychoactive effects and are often used for their calming and euphoric properties. The Hemp used in the Stoned Mushroom gummies just make the effects more potent. 


  • Blue Raspberry 

  • Cherry

  • Apple

  • Watermelon

  • Peach

Product Features:

  • Yes Has Hemp Extract

  • 10,000MG Per Pack

  • 1,000MG Per Gummy

  • 10 Count

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